• ADSR Zine! X

    So thrilled to have been included in ADSR Zine’s archive opening & latest edition! Thankyou! Sister and speaks of the Monstering. All the actions, our actions that have brought us into the Anthropocene. This short video highlights what Sister GlitterNullius calls, the Digitalocene. Your Friend, In & Out of Plastix! X Read more


    Going Home, 2020, Collaborating Editor: Riley Jones. As the plastix hits, I weep for us all my children. Please come sit by me… Hold my hand a while…? My heart is wounded and laden. I pray I am not losing faith but I feel an indescribable pull… As the plastic hits, I feel different… Where canContinue… Read more

  • NAIDOC 2022 Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

    My absolute gratitude to Ana Kindergarten, the Anatolian community & Aly Trinh for hosting Belonging & Sister GlitterNullius, to celebrate NAIDOC 2022! X We explored our sense of Belonging in Australia, within our various community groups & asked, how might we strengthen connections between our cultures… Through humour, irony & acknowledging our differences & commonalities,Continue… Read more

  • Psalm 23: The 4 Lords Are My Shepherd… X

    Your Friend, in & Out of Plastix, Sister GlitterNullius X Read more

  • Deborah Kelly Artist: The Book of CREATION launched!

    I have so much gratitude for having my work included within the pages of The Book of CREATION by lead Instigator, Deborah Kelly. ” CREATION is a new religion, manifesting in spectacle and intimacy. A faith, a gathering of intention and purpose with which to face an era when paid opinion trumps environmental evidence. “Continue… Read more

  • BCM 110 Assignment 3: Reference List & Bibliography

    Blog 5 of 5: Reference List & Bibliography: Blogs 1-4 Reference List Alighieri, Dante, 1320, The Divine Comedy, Hutchins, Robert M, Editor-in-Chief, The University of Chicago (ed.) Advisory Board, Encyclopaedia Britannica, published, 1952, UK. Aruguete, Mara S; Gillen, Meghan M; McCutchen, Lynn E & Bernstein, Michael J, 2020, Disconnection from nature & interest in massContinue… Read more