• An omen has arrived… Cementa 22 Arts Festival, Kandos NSW, said Alex!

    Come! Come with me! Be us, ancient and new together in all directions at this long awaited once! Let our feathers be free among, and belong with the artists, the knowledge keepers, storytellers and gatherers! Arrive all colours, skins and kin! Immerse with joy and disquieting truths! As be, celebrate empathy’s compass to the monstering!Continue… Read more

  • Cementa22 Festival has selected Sister GlitterNullius as one of this year’s artists!

    Sister GlitterNullius is the post-traumatic, personification and representation of the hypocrisy dilemma that is the Anthropocene. A nun, imprisoned by her love-hate relationship with plastix and all things, consumerist, capitalist, catholic and post-colonial. Through humour, irony, and a pinch of sarcasm, GlitterNullius stands with the in-betweeners, the failures and the lost, trying to navigate aContinue… Read more

  • Cementa22 Festival here comes your Nun! X

    Welcome to Cementa22! Alex Wisser Creative Director: Cementa22 Message After the fires, after the floods, after the pandemic, after all the hardship and uncertainty, after all the cancellations, delays, and postponements, the festival comes. Cementa welcomes you to join over 40 artists for four days and four nights of contemporary art and culture spread acrossContinue… Read more

  • Let me draw you a sharp, plastic circle…

    From my first blog instalment, Popcorn, peanuts, cigarettes, cigars, white flour, white sugar… no choc-tops today (2022), you have probably detected tension in the relationship between the mass-media monster and myself. This matters to me, others and Nature. In my world, western concepts of capitalism and ownership are at the least problematic (Bruno & Wilson,Continue… Read more

  • Illawarra Aboriginal Art Trail Heal Country 2022

    I’m very thrilled to have a number of works included in this year’s Aboriginal Illawarra Art Trail! The exhibition runs from 11th March until 27th March 2022. Official Opening: 11th March 4pm at the Aboriginal Culture Centre & Keeping Place, part of the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation, Kenny Street, Wollongong, NSW. The Art Trail is designedContinue… Read more

  • Everywhen…    Elsewhen… You just need to learn how to time travel! X

    Everywhen… Elsewhen… You just need to learn how to time travel! X

    Image: Jonathan Jones, 2016, barrangal dyara (skin and bones), Project #32, Kaldor Public Art Projects, Sydney NSW. Read more