• Popcorn, peanuts, cigarettes, cigars, white flour, white sugar…, no choc-tops today…

    Welcome! Come in, take your seats… What a gorgeous audience we have here tonight folks! You’re looking at Pin-up, a work by Karla Dickens, in part, a direct confrontation against the sexualisation of Indigenous women – one of the many Othering stereotypes! Tonight, for your reading pleasure, we pose the question, is the media-monster smotheringContinue… Read more

  • IT’S ALL FUN & GAMES … until someone loses the planet! X

    IT’S ALL FUN & GAMES … until someone loses the planet! X

    Now that I have your attention… Come in my children! Come in plastix saints and sinners. Don’t be afraid… I have survived the plastix madness…. You can see what it has done to me and we don’t want it to happen to anyone else now, do we? Fear not, I am not a monster. NotContinue… Read more

  • Desert Equinox Art Challenge 2021!

    I’m so thrilled to have three (3) of three (3) short videos accepted into the Desert Equinox Art Challenge this year! This year’s themes: Earth, Water, Air & Fire. Category: Water, The Birth of Sister GlitterNullius. Category: Earth, The Transformation of Sister GlitterNullius: When the Plastix Madness Hits. Category: Air, Sister GlitterNullius Responds to Coronavirus-Continue… Read more


    Collaborating Editor: Jesse Tyssen, 2020. Welcome ! Welcome! Sister GlitterNullius reporting to you! I’ve been out and about investigating where we might find some absolution for our plastic-waste sins and whether it really is a matter of individuals’ digressions or is a higher power calling the shots? Perhaps my children we can consider the industriesContinue… Read more


    The Birth of Sister GlitterNullius, 2020, Internship: Plastic-free Biennale, 2020, Lucas Ihlein & Kim Williams, NIRIN, Sydney Biennale, Editor: Jesse Tyssen, 2020. Filmed on Dharawal Country, script: Bundjalung language. Nigh yiggun binggirribah…birin…yamba… Ngay garni yugen jagun…gudjim, gami, wadjan…jahdjam…Niugh yiggun mamirbu…ngubu…yugirbah… Gannga… wahra…dhinda-djindi…yamba…jagur, jagul, jagur, jagul, jagur, jagul, stranger…stranger…stranger… I am glad you are here…hurry child.Continue… Read more


    Hello my children! Come my children, come! I miss you, even though you haven’t happened yet!So sad about the news to have to postpone Cementa21! But next year will be more resilient and fabulous than ever! If soil is land and land is place and we all belong to the land, the place we missContinue… Read more