IT’S ALL FUN & GAMES … until someone loses the planet! X

Now that I have your attention… Come in my children! Come in plastix saints and sinners. Don’t be afraid… I have survived the plastix madness…. You can see what it has done to me and we don’t want it to happen to anyone else now, do we? Fear not, I am not a monster. NotContinue reading “IT’S ALL FUN & GAMES … until someone loses the planet! X”


Hello my children! Come my children, come! I miss you, even though you haven’t happened yet!So sad about the news to have to postpone Cementa21! But next year will be more resilient and fabulous than ever! If soil is land and land is place and we all belong to the land, the place we missContinue reading “LOVE YOU MISS YOU CEMENTA21… X”