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A capture of Sister GlitterNullis as she recognises the magnitude of her calling.

Juundaal Strang-Yettica

Contemporary Indigenous Multi-disciplinary Emerging Artist

Artist non-Bio

Nigh yiggen Juundaal. Ngay garni yugen Bundjalung & Kannakan. Nigh jihanny biyanny yugen Dharawal. I belong to saltwater and I am on my way Home.

Not a Bio as such. I’d rather offer some of myself, than a list of things. At the best of times I may not know who I am but I know to whom & where I belong. My Grandmother, Granny Jane was a hard woman with ancestral connections I cannot describe and only a select few understand. My Mother, Ellen May, gave and taught me about resilience, the strength of compassion and courage in the face of challenge. When I was a child, my Sisters spent hours helping me learn to draw and make.

I am old and new simultaneously, wise & naïve at the same time. A messenger who hopes to build bridges, through time. Looking to the past, pointing in that direction, to help heal the present and protect the future. I hope to be the sum total of those who stood before me, this land, all my Ancestors & my Mentors.

To the best of my ability, memory-instinct and learning, my work is about relationships and is theirs, yours & ours, as both gift and duty.

Thanx for stopping in, Juundaal

Artist Bio

Priorities: There are enduring themes of identity and Indigeneity, entangled, complex relationships between humans and non-humans, failure and fragility in my early and current work. Today these are contextualised within decolonisation frameworks, Indigenous cultural revitalisation, simultaneously responding to the environmental crisis of the Anthropocene. One of my practice goals is to create projects that prioritise collaborative solutions, shared knowledges, social engagement with challenging, complex issues. I hope to contribute to community capacity and strengthened community relationships through performances, storytelling short videos and workshops.

My Current Practice: Crossing disciplines with Sister GlitterNullius into performance, video and the odd prayer. As an emerging artist with a disability, learning, determination and creative courage underpin my approaches. My mentors are integral to the foundation of my practice. I hope to make bridges not mirrors through my character, Sister GlitterNulliusX

My character: Sister GlitterNullius is the post-traumatic, personification and representation of the hypocrisy dilemma that is the Anthropocene. A nun, imprisoned by her love-hate relationship with plastix and all things, consumerist, capitalist, catholic and post-colonial. Sister GlitterNullius’, DNA has been infected by micro-plastix, is morphing into a bird. Although she is of First Nations ancestry, and might hope she would at least, become a native bird, she is actually becoming a macaw. This speaks to the multi-layered enmeshments of land, environment, non-humans with humans of the capitalist world and the damage to the planet. It also points to the need for Indigenous cultural revitalisation and the urgency for alliances and collaborations of shared knowledges and sciences of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, numerous actions simultaneously, locally and globally. Sister GlitterNullius, is wise and trashy, empathetic and punishing, ancient and an hypocrite. She is a conduit for addressing complex, challenging issues, with a license to be a master of none. Through humour, irony, and a pinch of sarcasm, GlitterNullius stands with the in-betweeners, the failures and the lost, trying to navigate a greener decolonised path Home. Can someone lend her a map?

Your Friend, In & Out of Plastix!

Juundaal AKA Sister GlitterNullius! X