SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest 2022!

I am thrilled to have my short film, Sister GlitterNullius, The Monster Speaks: The Monstering, chosen for the SF3 Community & Diversity Award! With so many amazing films from Australia and internationally, from stax of incredibly talented filmmakers, check out the collection on the website! Grab a friend! Grab some popcorn & immerse yourself! ClickContinue reading “SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest 2022!”

Illawarra Aboriginal Art Trail Heal Country 2022

I’m very thrilled to have a number of works included in this year’s Aboriginal Illawarra Art Trail! The exhibition runs from 11th March until 27th March 2022. Official Opening: 11th March 4pm at the Aboriginal Culture Centre & Keeping Place, part of the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation, Kenny Street, Wollongong, NSW. The Art Trail is designedContinue reading “Illawarra Aboriginal Art Trail Heal Country 2022”

IT’S ALL FUN & GAMES … until someone loses the planet! X

Now that I have your attention… Come in my children! Come in plastix saints and sinners. Don’t be afraid… I have survived the plastix madness…. You can see what it has done to me and we don’t want it to happen to anyone else now, do we? Fear not, I am not a monster. NotContinue reading “IT’S ALL FUN & GAMES … until someone loses the planet! X”

Desert Equinox Art Challenge 2021!

I’m so thrilled to have three (3) of three (3) short videos accepted into the Desert Equinox Art Challenge this year! This year’s themes: Earth, Water, Air & Fire. Category: Water, The Birth of Sister GlitterNullius. Category: Earth, The Transformation of Sister GlitterNullius: When the Plastix Madness Hits. Category: Air, Sister GlitterNullius Responds to Coronavirus-Continue reading “Desert Equinox Art Challenge 2021!”


Journeys of Spirit, 2003, mixed media on board, (53.5×71.5), Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre: collection, (Accession #CP614), online publish, 2021, https://collection.casulapowerhouse.com/objects/193/journeys-of-spirit. Winner of the Bruce & Carol Kendall OAM, Memorial Award & Exhibition, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, NSW. Hello again, I hope you’re well & staying groovy! I’m very grateful to have my work included inContinue reading “CASULA POWERHOUSE ARTS CENTRE: ONLINE COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTS!”


Hold on, 1998, pastel on paper, (73x55cm unframed), Winner: Maria Locke Acquisitive Award 1998, Mil-Pra AECG Aboriginal Art Award & Exhibition, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre & Just Don’t Let Go, 1998, pastel on paper, (73x54cm), Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre Collection,Mil-Pra AECG Aboriginal Art Award & Exhibition, 1998, Links: https://collection.casulapowerhouse.com/objects/50/hold-on, https://collection.casulapowerhouse.com/objects/62/just-dont-let-go. Hello again! First things first, I am absolutelyContinue reading “CASULA POWERHOUSE ARTS CENTRE: ONLINE, COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTS!”


Hello my children! My my, it’s been quite a while and we’ve missed you all! The Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Plastix is very humbled & dare I say excited to be showing The Transformation of Sister GlitterNullius (video) & joining a fabulous group exhibition at Herland III– The Body Resilient at The Women’s Library from March 5th, 2021. BlessContinue reading “HERLAND III: THE BODY RESILIENT March 2021! X”