NAIDOC 2022 Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

My absolute gratitude to Ana Kindergarten, the Anatolian community & Aly Trinh for hosting Belonging & Sister GlitterNullius, to celebrate NAIDOC 2022! X We explored our sense of Belonging in Australia, within our various community groups & asked, how might we strengthen connections between our cultures… Through humour, irony & acknowledging our differences & commonalities,Continue reading “NAIDOC 2022 Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!”

Shhh… Let the Monster Speak: Sister GlitterNullius speaks of the monstering… X

 Strang-Yettica, Juundaal, 2020, Sister GlitterNullius Mugshots, taken with my Samsung Galaxy Ultra 20, mobile phone, Internship: Lucas Ihlein & Kim Williams, 2020, Plastic-free Biennale, NIRIN, Sydney Biennale, 2020. BCM 110 Assignment Title: Title: Sister GlitterNullius: conceptualising the monstering through representation and the gaze of the Other. Grade: HD 85/100 BLOG 1 of 5: The Concept &Continue reading “Shhh… Let the Monster Speak: Sister GlitterNullius speaks of the monstering… X”


Now…where’s my map?…can someone give me a ride? My respect and gratitude to the Wiradjuri Land, Elders, Custodians and Indigenous community. Video Still, Justin Hewitson, 2021. As Cementa’s Spirit of 21 begins to simmer and heat up – where the art community is getting ready to show-off some it’s creativity, strength and resilience during the covid-19 pandemicContinue reading “ON RESIDENCY, CEMENTA INC, KANDOS NSW!”

… CEMENTA RESIDENCY in KANDOS 2021… Intentions into words … X

Hello again, I hope you’re well, staying safe & staying groovy? You may or may not know, I’m an emerging artist. Sometimes I describe myself as re-emerging. Either way, I am at the beginning, perhaps some might say, at a time when I’m nearer the end of my life, rather than having my whole lifeContinue reading “… CEMENTA RESIDENCY in KANDOS 2021… Intentions into words … X”


Hello my children! My my, it’s been quite a while and we’ve missed you all! The Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Plastix is very humbled & dare I say excited to be showing The Transformation of Sister GlitterNullius (video) & joining a fabulous group exhibition at Herland III– The Body Resilient at The Women’s Library from March 5th, 2021. BlessContinue reading “HERLAND III: THE BODY RESILIENT March 2021! X”