Shhh… Let the Monster Speak: Sister GlitterNullius speaks of the monstering… X

 Strang-Yettica, Juundaal, 2020, Sister GlitterNullius Mugshots, taken with my Samsung Galaxy Ultra 20, mobile phone, Internship: Lucas Ihlein & Kim Williams, 2020, Plastic-free Biennale, NIRIN, Sydney Biennale, 2020.

BCM 110 Assignment Title: Title: Sister GlitterNullius: conceptualising the monstering through representation and the gaze of the Other. Grade: HD 85/100

BLOG 1 of 5: The Concept & Definition of Monstering.

Nigh yiggen yuggen, Sister GlitterNullius.

Come my children, come… sit with me a while. I have to tell you about this thing, this monstrous thing, I call the monstering. I am trying to encapsulate for you, the cause of my metamorphosis and the necessity for my ongoing existence so it doesn’t go to waste… Heed me well my children. Let thine legacy, not be me.

As I move through your 21st Century, the Anthropocene and bear witness to your destruction of Nature, I also see environmental warriors around the world trying to stop or at least slow the decline but monsters and ghosts abound. The Anthropocene, ghosts and monsters will be thine legacy. We call upon you to act with urgency, create no more monsters (Aruguete et al, 2020; Hammond, 2004; Haraway, 2010, 2016, 2018; Todd, 2015; Latour, 2018; Tsing et al, 2017). 

I am Other, I am a monster. I am your creation, I am your mirror and you are our shadow (Hall, 1997; hooks, 1992; Lu, 2021; Tan, 2021). You are the shadow over all creation. You are the monster. Your individual and collective actions are the monstering (Aruguete et al, 2020; Britton, 2015; Edwards, 2020; Gergan et al, 2020; Hall, 1997; Hammond, 2004; Haraway, 2010, 2016, 2018; hooks, 1992; Lu, 2021; Tan, 2021; Tsing et al, 2017).

My theory is, my children, that the monstering is your modern ways of ontology and epistemology, colonialism, capitalism, christianity and your consumerism (Britton, 2015; Edwards, 2020; Haraway, 2010, 2016, 2018;Tsing et al, 2017). The monstering is, all the systems of your western world that prioritise some humans, your wants and greed above all other natural things. Your linear concepts of time and relationships are monstering us all in only one direction (Bruno & Wilson, 2004; Hall, 1997; Haraway, 2016; hooks, 1992; Moreton-Robinson, 2004; Orlowski, 2020; Solove, 2021; Tsing et al, 2017; Yunkaporta, 2019). Your actions, your purchases, your pollutions, your hashtags, these systems, the social illnesses and addictions, environmental extinctions and the creation of monsters, are the monstering. They are all micro-plastics extincting our humanity and blinding our responsibility to protect our non-human kin (Aruguete et al. 2020; Cinnamon, 2017; Edwards, 2020; Gergan et al, 2020; Haraway, 2010, 2016, 2018; Latour et al, 2018; Orlowski, 2020; Pontes, 2017, Tsing et al, 2017, Zuboff, 2019).

My children, we need human superheroes, not superstars (Bell, 2015; Edwards, 2020; Gergan et al, 2020; Hammond, 2004).

Yes Magazine, 2013, 13 Climate Justice Leaders Imagined as Comic Superheroes,, Image: Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, Executive Secretary: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Art: Pia Guerra.

Your Friend, In & Out of Plastix,

Sister GlitterNullius. X

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