Keeping Gate: Cementa 22 Festival

The ancient people are here, have always been here and it is time for you to come with us, because you are also ancestors of the future… what we make here… what we make together… From broken we heal, come with us… The ancient people are here & they want you with them….

Images: The Common, Rylstone NSW, taken with my phone!

My gratitude is huge for my project Mentors: Jo Albany, Peter Swain, David Ryan, The Cementa Aboriginal Women’s Art Lab 2021 and Cementa Inc.

Juundaal AKA Sister GlitterNullius X

My performance for Cementa22 has been generously supported by Cementa Inc & Create NSW Small Projects Grants.

Cementa Artist Residency Program 2021 & Cementa22 Festival, Kandos NSW.
Funding gratefully received from Create NSW, Small Projects Grants, 2022.

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