Urgently arting, a savage world civil…

Image: The Wrapped Coast, One Million Square Feet, Little Bay, Sydney, Australia (1969), Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Image: Art Gallery NSW: https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/collection/works/, accessed: 09.10.2022. BCM 111 Global Media & Culture Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography. Grade: 85/100. Title: Urgently Arting a Savage World, Civil. The Question: Discuss four key elements to building the rudimentary foundations of aContinue reading “Urgently arting, a savage world civil…”

NAIDOC 2022 Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

My absolute gratitude to Ana Kindergarten, the Anatolian community & Aly Trinh for hosting Belonging & Sister GlitterNullius, to celebrate NAIDOC 2022! X We explored our sense of Belonging in Australia, within our various community groups & asked, how might we strengthen connections between our cultures… Through humour, irony & acknowledging our differences & commonalities,Continue reading “NAIDOC 2022 Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!”

Shhh… the monster speaks the truth…the nun confesses!… Sister GlitterNullius’ Confession. X

Image: Kelly, Deborah, Norman, Sara Jane, 2021, Liturgy of the Saprophyte, Liturgy Cards for The Book of CREATION, 2022, Lead Artist, Deborah Kelly, https://www.creationtheproject.com/liturgy, Griffith University Art Museum, Griffith University, Brisbane QLD, Aust, https://www.creationtheproject.com/liturgy, accessed: 21.06.2022. BCM 110 Assignment 3 Title: Sister GlitterNullius: conceptualising the monstering through representation and the gaze of the Other. BlogContinue reading “Shhh… the monster speaks the truth…the nun confesses!… Sister GlitterNullius’ Confession. X”

Keeping Gate: Cementa 22 Festival

The ancient people are here, have always been here and it is time for you to come with us, because you are also ancestors of the future… what we make here… what we make together… From broken we heal, come with us… The ancient people are here & they want you with them…. Images: TheContinue reading “Keeping Gate: Cementa 22 Festival”

An omen has arrived… Cementa 22 Arts Festival, Kandos NSW, said Alex!

Come! Come with me! Be us, ancient and new together in all directions at this long awaited once! Let our feathers be free among, and belong with the artists, the knowledge keepers, storytellers and gatherers! Arrive all colours, skins and kin! Immerse with joy and disquieting truths! As be, celebrate empathy‚Äôs compass to the monstering!Continue reading “An omen has arrived… Cementa 22 Arts Festival, Kandos NSW, said Alex!”