An omen has arrived… Cementa 22 Arts Festival, Kandos NSW, said Alex!

Cementa22 Arts Festival, Promotional Video, Sister GlitterNullius, Video Artist: Samuel James, 2022, Commissioned by Cementa Inc., 00:00-01:38mins, Kandos NSW.

Come! Come with me! Be us, ancient and new together in all directions at this long awaited once! Let our feathers be free among, and belong with the artists, the knowledge keepers, storytellers and gatherers! Arrive all colours, skins and kin! Immerse with joy and disquieting truths! As be, celebrate empathy’s compass to the monstering! Our metamorphoses, be not deficit, not deformity but, courageous, impaired and beautiful!

Cementa22 Artist: Juundaal Strang-Yettica, Funded by Create NSW.

Video Artist: Samuel James, Vimeo:

Commissioned by: Cementa Inc:

Music: Bendsound Free Copyright, Distribution: YouTube:

Sit back, the four minute version is next!

Cement22 Festival video, Commissioned by Cementa Inc, Video Artist, Samuel James, 2022.

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