NAIDOC 2022 Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

My absolute gratitude to Ana Kindergarten, the Anatolian community & Aly Trinh for hosting Belonging & Sister GlitterNullius, to celebrate NAIDOC 2022! X

We explored our sense of Belonging in Australia, within our various community groups & asked, how might we strengthen connections between our cultures… Through humour, irony & acknowledging our differences & commonalities, we sought to find practical ways to reach out…

Some of the beautiful frij magnets made by the Belonging group!

I’ve so much gratitude for this group of courageous creatives! Thankyou for having me, the truths, the fun, the laughter & everything you gave to make our Belonging workshop such a success!

Your Friend In & Out of Plastix,

Sister GlitterNullius X

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