Sister GlitterNullius: Empathy. X

BCM 111 Global Media & Culture Assignment 3: Empathy, 2022, Video Presentation & Script. Grade: HD 90/100. Concepts: 1. Networked, Indigenous Identity & Indigenous Art Activism, 2. Environmental Art Activism Intersectional Environmentalism, 3. Cultural Proximity, 4. Audience Access & Activation: Developing non-Indigenous Proximity & Engagement with Indigenous CulturalExpression. Explanatory Note:Video: Justin Hewitson recorded the videoContinue reading “Sister GlitterNullius: Empathy. X”

Cementa22 Festival Video: 8min version is here! X

With her DNA infected by micro-plastix, we are reminded our inimitable Sister GlitterNullius, is homeless on many levels and for just as many reasons. Through her telescope (we know it’s a kaleidoscope) and her compass (we know is a stopwatch), she finds herself on Dabee-Wiradjuri Country, Kandos NSW. Our Nun knocks on doors & knocksContinue reading “Cementa22 Festival Video: 8min version is here! X”


Going Home, 2020, Collaborating Editor: Riley Jones. As the plastix hits, I weep for us all my children. Please come sit by me… Hold my hand a while…? My heart is wounded and laden. I pray I am not losing faith but I feel an indescribable pull… As the plastic hits, I feel different… Where canContinue reading “… HOW MUCH CAN ONE MOTHER EARTH TAKE BEFORE THE WOUND IS TOO DEEP?… X”

Plastic-free Kandos! X

I’ve been one of the most privileged emerging artists. Plastic-free Kandos was a great learning experience! You know those times when you look around you & realise some people just want good things for you? I have so much gratitude for the people of Kandos, Cementa,  WayOut ArtSpace, Michael & Jack who helped us putContinue reading “Plastic-free Kandos! X”

Deborah Kelly Artist: The Book of CREATION launched!

I have so much gratitude for having my work included within the pages of The Book of CREATION by lead Instigator, Deborah Kelly. ” CREATION is a new religion, manifesting in spectacle and intimacy. A faith, a gathering of intention and purpose with which to face an era when paid opinion trumps environmental evidence. “Continue reading “Deborah Kelly Artist: The Book of CREATION launched!”

IT’S ALL FUN & GAMES … until someone loses the planet! X

Now that I have your attention… Come in my children! Come in plastix saints and sinners. Don’t be afraid… I have survived the plastix madness…. You can see what it has done to me and we don’t want it to happen to anyone else now, do we? Fear not, I am not a monster. NotContinue reading “IT’S ALL FUN & GAMES … until someone loses the planet! X”

Desert Equinox Art Challenge 2021!

I’m so thrilled to have three (3) of three (3) short videos accepted into the Desert Equinox Art Challenge this year! This year’s themes: Earth, Water, Air & Fire. Category: Water, The Birth of Sister GlitterNullius. Category: Earth, The Transformation of Sister GlitterNullius: When the Plastix Madness Hits. Category: Air, Sister GlitterNullius Responds to Coronavirus-Continue reading “Desert Equinox Art Challenge 2021!”


The Birth of Sister GlitterNullius, 2020, Internship: Plastic-free Biennale, 2020, Lucas Ihlein & Kim Williams, NIRIN, Sydney Biennale, Editor: Jesse Tyssen, 2020. Filmed on Dharawal Country, script: Bundjalung language. Nigh yiggun binggirribah…birin…yamba… Ngay garni yugen jagun…gudjim, gami, wadjan…jahdjam…Niugh yiggun mamirbu…ngubu…yugirbah… Gannga… wahra…dhinda-djindi…yamba…jagur, jagul, jagur, jagul, jagur, jagul, stranger…stranger…stranger… I am glad you are here…hurry child.Continue reading “THE BIRTH OF SISTER GLITTERNULLIUS… X”


Hello my children! Come my children, come! I miss you, even though you haven’t happened yet!So sad about the news to have to postpone Cementa21! But next year will be more resilient and fabulous than ever! If soil is land and land is place and we all belong to the land, the place we missContinue reading “LOVE YOU MISS YOU CEMENTA21… X”


I’m so grateful to have been included in Cementa’s online program, SPiRiT of 21, with a huge line up of fabulous artists! Visit: & book early! Sister GlitterNullius will conduct Holy Spirit Sunday School on the 16th October at 5:40pm and we’d love to see you there! Your Friend In & Out of Plastix! SisterContinue reading “CEMENTA: SPIRIT OF 21 ONLINE: LIVE STREAMED! 15-16TH OCTOBER 2021! X”