Deborah Kelly Artist: The Book of CREATION launched!

Image Courtesy: The Book of CREATION, Deborah Kelly, 2022,

I have so much gratitude for having my work included within the pages of The Book of CREATION by lead Instigator, Deborah Kelly.

” CREATION is a new religion, manifesting in spectacle and intimacy. A faith, a gathering of intention and purpose with which to face an era when paid opinion trumps environmental evidence. “

” CREATION proposes a crowd-sourced belief system teeming with pleasures and possibilities. “

” CREATION seeks to engage with the dream life of humanity to build ambiguous and beautiful practices of collectivity. It aspires to counter assaults on the biosphere with lateral, joyous, grieving, enraged action. Our era demands preposterous thinking, bold experimentation, leaps and loops and flights of faith.”

” CREATION is at stake.” Deborah Kelly, 2021.

” Built in collaboration with metropolitan and regional communities and institutions, CREATION encompasses mysteries, performance, visual arts, design, dance, food, music and literature. At each gathering site, artform-specific workshops will be held with local publics. Each workshop series will yield an element of CREATION: a liturgy, parables, a cosmological imaginary, ritual garments, choreography, song, sustenance and ceremony. “

” CREATION is multi-dimensional and cross-disciplinary, moving across and between contemporary art, politics and ritual. The work will entail moving and static imagery, a transcendent soundscape, intimate encounters for learning and exchange, culminating in collaboratively devised participatory performance events. ” (Deborah Kelly, 2021,

Thankyou Deborah Kelly & The Creation Project for including, We Am, Prayer for CREATION by Sister GlitterNullius X.

We Am, Prayer for CREATION: Sister GlitterNullius. X

Creation janabi-nyubari, durun-gul and bahrwa. We welcome our accountability and
responsibility for all Creation’s mamir, as ngadjang-gali .We ganga- that our breath is
your breath, jagul, manyah.

Ganga- welcome our sacred duties are to dismantle and dethrone, linear, hierarchical
ways of jagur epistemology and ontology, the scaffolding of false-beliefs and actions. We banish notions of human entitlement and theft of power over Nature. We gangabahrwa, facing the oppressive, violent structures of thieving, ranking and owning kin,
land, water, fire, air, knowledge and the violence against our non-human janabinyubari and spiritual life.

Simultaneously, Creation’s jarjum and elder, we numbah wandan, aligned with, in and
by Nature’s ngudjal. We bahrwa through Creation ganga-ngidahng to unburden our
knowledge keepers from all unnatural imprisonments and shackles that prevent
teaching and the passing of knowledge as it should be.

Creation’s ngudjal sets them
free to share again.
Jawga our individual and collective allegiance to live peacefully, equally and truthfully
to the benefit of Creation and all natural spirit-kin, in ganga- with our non-human
janabi-nyubari. Urgently and gently, together we enact our universal numbah toward
Creation’s nurturing reciprocal ngudjal.

In the truth of this natural reciprocity, we refocus and relearn protocols of Creation, of
equal respect, non-violence, noticing, restoring and protecting natural balances. In our
realignment with the patterns of Creation we undertake and prioritise, healing the
interactions between all natural systems and numbah the balance of their sacred,
rightful belonging.

In these processes of realignment and protection, Creation calls
upon our artists and other truth-tellers to apply their calling, to identify, interpret, share
the truths and challenges before us.
Let all our prayers be for all.

Your Friend, In & Out Of Plastix,

Sister GlitterNullius X

Yugambeh-Bundjalung Words

Bahrwa – arrive, arise, emerge, come through, wake up into sight or existence, come
up, come out.
Durun-gul – be calm.
Ganga- – know, hear, think, consider, smell, sense, hope, learn, suppose, believe,
wonder, muse, worry about, meditate, understand.
Jagul – native land.
Jagur – stranger.
Janabi-nyubari – family.
Jawga – send, let, permit, give up, release, let go.
Mamir – life.
Manyah – native country.
Ngadjang-gali – elder, spirit-being, powerful.
Ngidahng – brave, daring, courage.
Ngudjal – spiritual blessing, strength.
Numbah – come back, return.
Wandan – strong. (Middle Clarence River NSW

Your Friend, In & Out of Plastix,

Juundaal. X

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