BCM 110 Assignment 3: Reference List & Bibliography

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Reference List

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Images & Videos

Blog 1: Image: Strang-Yettica, Juundaal, 2020, Sister GlitterNullius Mugshots, taken with my Samsung Galaxy Ultra 20, mobile phone.

Blog 1: Image: Yes Magazine, 2013, 13 Climate Justice Leaders Imagined as Comic Superheroes, https://www.yesmagazine.org/environment/2018/04/21/13-climate-justice-leaders-imagined-as-comic-superheroes, Image: Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, Executive Secretary: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Art: Pia Guerra, https://www.yesmagazine.org/wp-content/uploads/imports/252ec017e074450c89e991efec353b2a.jpg.

Blog 2 Video: Strang-Yettica, 2020, The Transformation of Sister GlitterNullius, Editor: Jesse Tyssen, (01.48), Samsung Galaxy Ultra 20.

Blog 2 Video: Phillips, Todd, (Dir./Prod.), 2019, Joker, JOKER – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theatres, Warner Bros, US, Distribution: YouTube, accessed: 18-20.06.2022.

Blog 3 Video: The Amazing World of Gumball | Computer AI Absorbs Humanity | Cartoon Network The Amazing World of Gumball, Computer AI Absorbs Humanity, 2018, (00.00-03.14), Cartoon Network UK, Distribution: YouTube, accessed: 17-18.06.2022.

Blog 3: Video: The Wachowskis, 1999, The Matrix Official Trailer #1, Distribution: YouTube, accessed: 18.06.2022, The Matrix, 1999, Lana & Lilly Wachowski, (Dirs.), Joel Silver (Prod.), Warner Bros & Village Roadshow, (2hrs 16mins). Image: https://cdn.onebauer.media/one/empire-tmdb/films/603/images, accessed: 20.06.2022. The Matrix: The Matrix (1999) Official Trailer #1 – Sci-Fi Action Movie

Blog 4 Image: Norman, Sara Jane, 2021, Liturgy of the Saprophyte, The Book of CREATION, 2022, Lead Artist, Deborah Kelly, https://www.creationtheproject.com/liturgy, Griffith University Art Museum, Griffith University, Brisbane QLD, Aust, https://www.creationtheproject.com/liturgy, accessed: 21.06.2022.

Blog 4 Video: Strang-Yettica, Juundaal, 2020, The Birth of Sister GlitterNullius (2:00), experimental video with my phone, Editor: Jesse Tyssen, https://youtu.be/-djWGGjgfbk, During Internship: “Plastic Free Biennale”, Lucas Ihlein and Kim Williams (2020) in NIRIN, the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, 2020.

BCM 110 Assignment 3: End Reference List

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