Plastic-free Kandos! X

I’ve been one of the most privileged emerging artists. Plastic-free Kandos was a great learning experience! You know those times when you look around you & realise some people just want good things for you? I have so much gratitude for the people of Kandos, Cementa,  WayOut ArtSpace, Michael & Jack who helped us putContinue reading “Plastic-free Kandos! X”

Let me draw you a sharp, plastic circle…

From my first blog instalment, Popcorn, peanuts, cigarettes, cigars, white flour, white sugar… no choc-tops today (2022), you have probably detected tension in the relationship between the mass-media monster and myself. This matters to me, others and Nature. In my world, western concepts of capitalism and ownership are at the least problematic (Bruno & Wilson,Continue reading “Let me draw you a sharp, plastic circle…”