ADSR Zine! X

So thrilled to have been included in ADSR Zine’s archive opening & latest edition! Thankyou! Sister and speaks of the Monstering. All the actions, our actions that have brought us into the Anthropocene. This short video highlights what Sister GlitterNullius calls, the Digitalocene. Your Friend, In & Out of Plastix! X

Let me draw you a sharp, plastic circle…

From my first blog instalment, Popcorn, peanuts, cigarettes, cigars, white flour, white sugar… no choc-tops today (2022), you have probably detected tension in the relationship between the mass-media monster and myself. This matters to me, others and Nature. In my world, western concepts of capitalism and ownership are at the least problematic (Bruno & Wilson,Continue reading “Let me draw you a sharp, plastic circle…”