SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest 2022!

I am thrilled to have my short film, Sister GlitterNullius, The Monster Speaks: The Monstering, chosen for the SF3 Community & Diversity Award!

With so many amazing films from Australia and internationally, from stax of incredibly talented filmmakers, check out the collection on the website! Grab a friend! Grab some popcorn & immerse yourself! Click the link: https://sf3.com.au/

Many thanx SF3 for including my work and all the work you do, making such a fabulous smartphone film festival!

Sister GlitterNullius: The Monstering, 2022, Video: Richard Stalenberg, Editing, Riley Jones, Direction: Juundaal, Filmed with my Samsung Galaxy Ultra 20.

Your Friend, In & Out of Plastix!

Juundaal X

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