Collaborating Editor: Riley Jones, 2020.

Hello my children! Come in my dears! I have a little plastix question I’d like to put to you… when the plastix madness is over, what will be left? I heard said…’plastic doesn’t go extinct’… can racism be extincted?… what do you think?… These times are full of hatred… protest is necessary! If we destroy each other…

In these times troubled times and depending upon how you view the world, these are always troubled times… If we cannot install decolonised equity, bring peace and cause healing amongst humans, what hope is there for our non-human brothers and sisters who are dependent upon us for their survival… If our four lords of capitalism, consumerism, colonialism and Catholicism continue to reign… What will be left?… Do you think the micro-plastix will be lonely without us?

Blak Lives Matter!

Your friend In & Out of Plastix!

Sister GlitterNullius! X

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