Curated by Alex Wisser, 2022, LIVE DREAMS at the Performance Space was an amazing opportunity for emerging and experimental works! I took the opportunity to give voice to Sister Everywhen in a performance called, Bound. So much gratitude to Alex and the LIVE DREAMS program for this opportunity!

Bound with Sister Everywhen, in is an attempt to personify, a deepest moment of consciousness and acceptance, inside Sister GlitterNullius as she realizes the full implications of human exploitation and destruction of nature, from the microbes, to fungus, insects, fish, bird, to mammal, freshwater, bitterwater to salt. In this moment, innocent, devastated and grieving she uses the last of her humanity, to articulate a last plea for nature, made in both Bundjalung and English languages.

Sister Everywhen, 2022, Photograph: Alex Wisser, taken on Dabee Wiradjuri Country.

Juundaal… X

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